18 Fall Leaf Craft Ideas

Fall Leaf Craft Ideas
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Now that fall is here but the weather is still nice for long nature walks with your kids, this is a great time to take the opportunity to gather up a free and rather plentiful craft supply.  Beautiful autumn leaves!  The vibrant colours of the fall leaves is a great opportunity to incorporate some natural beauty into your next project with your kids.

Start off by creating a Whimsical Autumn Leaves Windcatcher.  While this tutorial uses fabric leaves this can be done with preserved leaves as well, Martha Stewart details this process clearly and easily.

Do you have a little prince or princess on your hands?  Why not have them make themselves a royal autumn crown and have a pretend coronation?

Want your kids to enjoy the warmer outdoor weather while it lasts?  Why not rake the leaves into a giant leaf maze for your kids to navigate?

While Autumn leaves are gorgeous as they are, you could also use them as a natural canvas for your kids art!  Leaf Drawing can be a lot of fun, especially for artistic little ones.

This idea would work great for homeschooling moms.  Use your collected leaves to create a beautiful set of Leaf Alphabet art that could even be turned into a book!

Since Halloween is approaching, this might be a great time to create a unique Leaf Mask!

For a natural look in your home, you could even create a Leaf Mobile.

Preschoolers will love turning two pretty leaves into an even prettier leaf butterfly!

While your kids are crafting, why not get in on the leaf action too and create these really cut Leaf-Imprinted Coasters or even create one of these Luminous Leaf Lanterns?

Your kids will have a blast first making and then playing with these Leaf People Finger Puppets or even these leaf creatures on a stick.

Have your kids use their imagination to create Leaf Friends from their collection of leaves.  I really love this idea to make an adorable hedgehog from leaves too!

You could also create a fall wreath by having your child glue leaves around a rim of a paper plate with the center cut out.

Leaf rubbings and pressed leaf collections are both tried and true craft ideas to do with your kids, so don’t forget these options either.


Do you have any leaf craft ideas I haven’t listed?

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