Fairy Door Kids Craft

If you are looking for Summer Kids Crafts perfect for the garden look no further than this Fairy Door!

Supply List:

Large, wooden craft sticks
Craft glue or hot glue, glue gun
Small wooden knobs (found at your local craft store for less than $3 a bag)
Assorted craft paints in colors of your choice




1. Begin by placing 4 sticks side by side. You do not need to glue them, just place them closely together.
2. Place a generous dab of glue in the four corners of the square you have just made.
3. Place a 5th stick diagonally across the four sticks. The ends of this stick should rest on two of the glue dabs.
4. Place a 6th stick going in the opposite diagonal direction. The ends should cover the remaining glue dabs. All of your sticks should now be attached together securely and a door shape will form.

Fairy Door Kids Craft
5. You can now paint your door. We applied two coats of spray paint in the color of our choice.
6. Color the wooden knob the color of your choice. You can match or do something contrasting. When dry, glue the knob to the side of the door. You will now see your door formed and ready to go.
7. Apply any additional decals or embellishment you wish. You can use paint, beads, stickers, etc.

Fairy Door Kids Craft

Once dry, place your fairy door at the base of a tree trunk. You can secure it with glue, a nail, hardware, or just let it prop against the trunk for display.

Fairy Door Kids Craft


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