8 Tips for Flying with Babies and Toddlers

8 Tips for Flying with Babies and Toddlers .  These are must know for your next plane trip with your baby, these tips can help make travel painless!

Flying with babies and toddlers can prove to be quite a fete, and if you aren’t prepared it can turn out to be quite painful as well. If you need to fly with babies or toddlers anytime soon, take a peek below at some helpful tips to make your travelling smoother and more enjoyable.

1. Bring their favourite friends.
By friends this means pack their favourite blankie, soother, doll, and other comforts of home. A plane can be an unfamiliar place, so having these items on hand are more likely to set them at ease and feel relaxed.

2. Bring New Friends or Books.
Nothing grabs a child’s attention like something new and shiny.  This is usually the best way to keep them occupied for longer than 2 minutes.  When choosing book pick out something that will engage their senses like touch & feel or lift the flap books.

3. Food is your very best friend.
Now is the time to pack up the snacks. Avoid sugary foods that will get them excited and opt instead for high protein treats. Snacking is a great way to keep kids from getting crabby. Oh, and don’t forget the sippy cup that you can fill with juices or water as well.

4. Pre pick your seats.
When you book your seats, choose a row of three that you can have to yourself. If your child doesn’t need a ticket yet and is using your lap, pick a two seater side so you don’t need to be near other passengers. This alone can help you feel less stressed.  If your toddler is potty trained book near the washroom to help avoid accidents or consider using a pull up diaper as backup.

5. Pack up the electronics.
Download gentle and soothing music and even games on your electronics devices. Bring child friendly ear phones so kiddos can listen to the soothing sounds while travelling. This seems to help quite a bit.

6. Travel very early or very late.
When you travel at the times that the child is typically sleeping, the more tired they are likely to be and therefore may sleep for the entire trip. Travel during sleep times, cozy up with your kiddo, and hopefully it will be smooth sailing.

7.  Strategic Clothing for Easy Diaper Changes
Think dresses or a bodysuit with leggings.  The quicker you can do a diaper change, the better.

8.  Feed your child on Takeoff and Landing
Pressure changes are not very uncomfortable, and babies and most toddlers don’t know how to clear their ears on their own. Sucking and swallowing can help so sucking on a bottle, breast, soother or sippy cup will work wonders.

Flying with infants and toddlers can be a challenge but it isn’t impossible. Give these tips a try!


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