6 Tips for Reading to Your Baby

6 Tips for Reading to Your Baby.  You can even use these tips during pregnancy amd with your newborn, it is never too early to start!

Studies have shown that children who read excel in all academic areas, and that the earlier you get them to reading the better off they will be in that subject. Plus, it also instills in them a love of reading, which can help encourage them to do so independently. Here are reasons to start reading to your baby often, and ways to do so.

Read to your baby every day.

Not only does it stimulate the brain, but it helps them get used to the sound of your voice faster. This is particularly important for dads, because baby hears mom more than dad due to them being in the womb. Reading out loud to your child has also shown to calm them when they are fussy because of the sing-song voice most people adopt when reading.

Read things out loud, even if it isn’t a children’s book.

Anytime you read a magazine, the newspaper, even an online article, do it out loud (assuming it is appropriate, of course) so that your child sees and hears you reading. This will show your child that reading is essential and something they will need to do every day, no matter what.

Read in various places.

Your child will associate reading with fun and will see that it is a great activity that can be dine just about anywhere to pass the time and entertain oneself. Even if your child is still a baby, this is a great habit to start with them.

Turn off the TV and read to and with all of your children.

This will promote family bonding and shows that you think books are more important than television. Even babies can pick up on this concept fairly quickly, so schedule times during the day where the TV goes off and books open up.

Let your baby pick the book.

This is a way to get them excited about reading, even if they don’t understand the words. Just the pictures and even textures of some books is enough to have your little one happy about the book you are reading to them.

Visit the library with your baby.

Show them all the great things, including the books, that they can see and do at the library. It will make reading fun!

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