How to Teach Your Kids About Giving Back

How to Teach Your Kids About Giving Back with these awesome parenting tips!

Teaching kids about giving is a goal many parents have. Whether it is to donate time, money, or just to be a giving person all around, teaching children how to give usually starts with teaching babies how to share. But if your kids aren’t babies anymore, and you are still looking for ways to help them learn about giving, check out these ideas.


Show your kids the true meaning of giving by being an example. Take them with yo to volunteer at homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Not only will this show them what giving truly means, it will also make a difference in someone’s life. To find a volunteer group, ask your church or local social groups of they know of any organizations that need help.

Shop for the less fortunate

Whether it is for the holidays or for back-to-school, you can buy brand new things for those that don’t have anything and donate them to drop-off centers. This will show your kids the importance of giving back without getting anything in return.

Pay it forward

If you see a woman in line at the grocery store buying a few ties, pay her grocery bill. Buy someone in the Starbucks line behind you their morning cup of coffee. Pay for an elderly couple’s food at a restaurant. Whatever it is, start a giving chain and show your kids how to do it, too. It doesn’t even have to be anything in public. If you have a neighbor that is alone a lot, invite them over for dinner. Bake a pie for the om that just had a new baby. Send cookies to your child’s teacher just because.

Make birthdays a time to give

Instead of making birthdays just about your child, ask that guests use it as an opportunity to give in your child’s honor. You can have attendees to the party bring a new or used book to be donated to charity, or they can bring pet supplies to be taken to the local shelter. Explain why you are doing this so that your child understands and will be happy to participate.

Get involved with animals

Most kids adore animals, so one of the best ways to teach them about giving is to take them to a shelter or veterinarian’s office to volunteer. They can donate items, walk the dogs, clean out litter boxes, and smother the animals with love and affection.


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