4 Essential Car Seat Safety Tips

4 Essential Car Seat Safety Tips to keep your baby safe on the road

Whether you are new to parenting, or you have 10 kids, you ay have questions about car seat safety, especially since many of the rules and laws are changing in regards to car seat use. If you have kids in car seats, read the following tips to keep your kids as safe as they can be in one.


Make sure you have the proper seat

There are different types of car seats and they all come with their own set of rules and regulations. Before you pick up a seat for your child, do your homework and choose the proper seat. You should base your buying decision on your child, their age, height, and weight, you vehicle, and your needs. When buying the seat, your child needs to match the height and weight requirements for the seat, and they need to be mature enough to sit properly in the seat.

Make sure the seat is properly installed 

You can take your seat to a fire station or EMT if you don’t know how to install it. They will install it for you! And they will even make sure your child fits in it properly. Most of these are free services, but some places do charge a service fee. It is always best to be safe with car seats and the fee is nothing compared to the peace of mind you will have knowing your kids are safe in their car seats.

Don’t put blankets and jackets in the seat 

Large coats and blankets can make your child overheated in the car, and they can cause the straps of the car seat not to close properly. This means your child could be at risk of being launched out of the seat should you be in a wreck. With colder weather, many parents forget these rules and place their kids at danger. Remember- anything that is not standard with the seat shouldn’t be used in the seat. It can hinder the seat’s intended function.

Check the fit

Make sure the seat isn’t buckled too tight or too loose. Make sure it is snug and comfortable, and that the chest clip is put on the right position. Always check these things when you put your child in the car, especially with infants. They grow quickly, and they can outgrow a car seat fit in not time. Also, a car seat won’t protect your child if it doesn’t fit them properly.

4 thoughts on “4 Essential Car Seat Safety Tips

  1. I appreciate that you suggested, “Before you pick up a seat for your child, do your homework and choose the proper seat.” My wife is expecting so we have been trying to prepare the best way can before our boy arrives. I had no clue that there were so many different options and styles of car seat! I thought it was pretty interesting as well to learn that you can get them fitted specifically for our child. Maybe we will do that in the future. Thanks for the help in offering some great details on car seats. I needed it!

  2. I totally agree that the fee is nothing compared to the peace of mind I will have knowing my kids are safe in their car seats. I have 2 children, and I will make sure the seats are properly installed after I have them reupholstered. The fabric there is pretty old, and I would like to give them new look combined with the total safety.

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