Traditional Teething Remedies from Around the World

Traditional Teething Remedies from Around the World to help you soothe your baby girl or baby boy!

Your precious little angel is sleeping through the night and you are finally getting some rest- then it happens. Teeth are coming in and your sweet baby has turned into a drooling, screaming nightmare due to the pain of cutting teeth. Many parents are at a loss when the teething rounds hit, but there are things you can do to ease their discomfort and make you all happier. Here are just some of the traditional remedies that have been used around the world to help teething babies.

Japanese Wooden Teething Ring

In Japan, babies have been given wooden kokeshi dolls to gnaw on. This centuries old remedy has a modern alternative for you parents wanting to try it out- natural wood teething rings coated with beeswax! It’s a safe and eco-friendly alternative to teething gels and plastic toys. You can order a variety of these teethers at many online retailers.

German Zwieback Toast

Do you like biscoti with your coffee? Then try giving your child this German version for teething. Zwieback toast is a lightly sweetened, crispy, crunchy toast that has been for centuries as a teething biscuit. It’s easy to try this one out because many grocery stores now sell it. Check the baby food aisle!


Traditional Chinese Medicine used acupuncture and acupressure to relieve teething babies. In acupuncture, needles are placed at certain points on the baby’s body to increase or restart energy flow. If you feel like acupuncture is a bit too extreme for you, try acupressure, instead. This is a technique in which energy points are massaged.

Try these points for acupressure.

Large Intestine 4: located between the thumb and the first finger, on the mound created when you squeeze the thumb to the hand.

Stomach 40: located half way down the outer leg between the knee and ankle, about an inch off the shin bone.

Stomach 44: in the webbing between the second third toes.
The Ever-Popular Sophie

Hailing from France is one of the most popular teething remedies to date- Sophie the Giraffe, the teething toy! It was first made in France in 1961, and parents around the world now use it as the go-to teething toy. It is made of rubber and has a lot of nooks and crannies for kids to really work their teeth into. You can usually pick one up at Babies ‘R’ Us or Target stores.

Amber Necklaces

These are for wearing, not chewing! Amber is said to have an anti-inflammatory property, and it has been used as a natural analgesic for relieving pain. The secret ingredient is succinic acid, a compound released by the amber resin and absorbed by the body when the stone is worn next to warm skin. You can order these online or even check with natural healing and wellness stores.

The British Freezing Trick

The British recommend freezing just about anything to give to your child for inflammation of the gums to help ease it and numb the pain. Towels, fruit, even toys with gel pods in them meant for freezing can help your child numb the pain of sore teeth and gums.

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