27 Ultimate Water Activities for Kids this Summer

27 Ultimate Water Activities for Kids this Summer

Nothing feels better than cooling off from the warm summer heat. However, finding water activities suitable for the kids can be a challenge. Check out these 25 water activities that can help keep your kids busy and cool this summer. There’s no shame in the adults getting involved in these water games either. Allow your kids to break free from their every day routine and have a little “cool” fun this summer.


1)  Water balloon fight

2)  Slip and slide

3)  Make water puddles

4)  Fill up water buckets

5)  Have a water gun fight

6)  Create a water obstacle course

7)  Play in a water sprinkler

8)  Have a boat racing game in an inflatable pool

9)  Make a homemade pool out of a tarp

10)  Have a kiddy carwash and wash all of the toys outside


11)  Make your own Water Spray Table


12) Make Your Own Sponge Water Bombs

13)  Water obstacle course

14)  Water volleyball

15)  Make art out of ice

16)  Bathtub fishing

17)  Homemade splash pad

Water Sensory Bin

18)  Sensory water bin


19)  Water table

Watermelon Kiwi Popsicles

20)  Make Ice Pops

21)  Homemade dunk tank

22)  Hot potato using a water balloon

23)  Painting using a sponge, water, and paint

24)  Water basketball

25)  Water the garden


26)  Build a Water Blob


27)  Make Pool Noodle Boats


If you’re up for the challenge, you can keep adding to this list. Try one new water activity every day this summer. You’ll be able to keep the kids busy, entertained, and physically fit. If you think your kids are too young or too old for any of these activities, you can always modify the activity.


What are some water activities you would add to this list?


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