Resolve Gold Crystal White In Wash Powder

Resolve Gold Crystal White In Wash Powder

I’ve had a pile of white shirts sitting in my laundry pile for a few months now.   I’ve been putting off dealing with them because quite frankly they were pretty grey and dingy looking; it felt a bit like a hopeless case.  I’ve had these white tanks for ages though, and they are a staple of my wardrobe so it felt a bit ridiculous to just throw them out so that’s why they’ve been sitting around.  Just waiting for me to figure out how to make them wearable again.

Resolve Gold Crystal White In Wash Powder

I didn’t even realise how bad they had gotten until I found one of my husband’s white tanks in my shirt drawer and noticed just how white his new shirt was compared to my “white” tanks.  From that point on I was just too embarrassed to wear them.

I was recently asked to try out Resolve Gold Crystal White In Wash Powder and found myself hoping this might be my solution.  I regularly use Resolve on my stained laundry and it’s saved more than its fair share of stained baby clothes from having to be discarded so I really had high hopes for this new Resolve in-wash stain removal product.


Resolve Gold Crystal White In Wash Powder

The first thing I had to do was sort through my pile and set aside the pieces with set-in stain spots to pre-treat.  I had one with an old blood stain and another with an unidentifiable stain to treat.   The Resolve Gold Crystal White In Wash Powder can be used to pre-treat by making a paste and applying it directly to stains. You may even see the stains disappear right in front of your eyes!  It’s effective on blueberry, coffee, grape juice, grass, beet juice, wine, and beef gravy.  Spoiler: it also worked great on the set-in blood stain!

I decided to pre-treat all my whites in the Resolve Gold Crystal White In Wash Powder just because they were so exceedingly dingy looking and I really wanted to see the maximum change possible.  I soaked them overnight and threw them in the wash with another half-scoop for good measure with my detergent.

Did you know that Resolve can make your whites up to 60% whiter after just one wash and that you can see amazing stain removal in just 30 seconds?


Resolve Gold Crystal White In Wash Powder

As I discovered for myself, this claim is true!

I checked each piece of laundry and the blood spots were gone. The unidentifiable stain was gone.


Resolve Gold Crystal White In Wash Powder


More importantly though?  The dingy looks to my whites were gone!  Granted they don’t look brand new, but they are easily 60% brighter than they were and totally wearable now!

Do you have your own pile of dingy whites or strained whites?


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24 thoughts on “Resolve Gold Crystal White In Wash Powder

  1. I love laundry products that really make your laundry look nice and somewhat newer again. I have seen Resolve at the market before for carpets but not for clothes. Would love to try this one.

  2. I sure do have a pile of stained clothing a few piles to be honest. As a mom and wife I understand why a stain treatment is a must have in every house hold sounds like you found a great product and one that clearly works. I need to stock up on stain lifters and stain treatments. I do use Resolve but I haven’t used the crystal white in wash yet.

  3. I have already heard about this brand Resolve a bit, but never used it before. It sounds like a wonderful detergent product for laundry. Great to know that it works great on white clothes. Will definitely check its availability in my local store.

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