When your children just can’t agree on what to watch…

Believe it or not, siblings really can get along. They play together, they cuddle, and they get sad when one of them is gone for too long. But when it comes to agreeing on something to watch, they can go from love to loathe in a matter of minutes. We want siblings everywhere (of all ages) to get along famously, no matter their differences in show tastes and that’s why Netflix has created Netflix Siblings Playlists! During the month of April, kids can choose from the “Tale of Two Distant Ages” playlist to the “Sugar and Spice” collection, offering something for every sibling squad to watch and enjoy together.


My girls are 4 and 2 so thankfully they mostly enjoy the same shows.  Granted my 2 year old is obsessive with Peppa Pig and my 4 year old with Paw Patrol so they still manage to fight over what they want to watch.

I was pretty excited this month when I saw Justin Time was added to the line-up.  It’s one of the shows that both girls adore watching together and honestly their eyes lit up as soon as they saw what I was about to put on for them to watch.  They got cozy on the couch together with Keira, my 4 year old, and the little mother hen of the two, pulling a throw over the both of them.  It was quiet for a good hour while they binged on Netflix and I managed to get some laundry folded.

They do generally get along, and are always telling each other that they are best friends.  So adorable.  I recently went on a media trip with Ava, my 2 year old, to Disneyland and they were both heartbroken about being apart for 3 nights and 4 days. When we got home from the airport I put Ava in the door and she ran past her father straight into a giant hug with Keira. Guys.  I wish I was recording it. It was the sweetest thing!

Of course the next day they were back to ruthlessly pushing each other out of the way to try and get the remote first to pick what they wanted to watch on tv.  Ah well.

Netflix 2

When they go to bed though is when I start my seriously Netflix binge watching as I sit at my desk and write.  Right now I am watching Supernatural but I just finished the latest season of House of Cards and boy was that ever intense! Next on my must-watch list is season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the first season was hilarious!

What are you watching on Netflix?


Netflix 3



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