What’s Streaming in July #StreamTeam


Well, we finally did it. I finally talked my husband into cutting the cable, saving us over $80 a month. Honestly, I wish we had done it ages ago. The kids and I watch nothing but Netflix and DVDs, so it seemed silly to keep paying for cable, especially with an unlimited bandwidth internet package.

I love to binge watch tv series while I’m sitting at my desk and working. I’m so excited for the new releases made available this month, there are some really great series available now including my current top 3 must-see series recommendations Orange is the New Black (June), Stranger Things, and Marco Polo.

Personally, my favourite of the new releases this month is Stranger Things. I am so obsessed with this incredible series. It’s full of 80s nostalgia, the acting is incredible and it is just plain old scary and engrossing. So much so that I started binge watching it over again.

Netflix would be crazy not to renew for a second season, I can’t wait to see where the story takes us next. Stranger Things should definitely top your list of shows to stream this summer!

Another new release this month that I am really excited for is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I had caught it during my flight to California on a media trip with my 2 year old to Disneyland but because of said 2 year old I wasn’t able to focus on the movie.

I’m so excited to see it available already on Netflix, and I am sure many Star Wars fans are excited over the release to Netflix.

Anyway, here is a more complete listing of what is new to Netflix in July.


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