Must Watch: Bill Nye Saves the World #StreamTeam

If my family, friends and acquaintances all had to describe me, without a doubt they would all say how adamantly and enthusiastically pro-science I am. Sorry. I am a fan of “big pharma”, I am not afraid of GMOs, I vaccinate myself and my children, I believe in climate change, I do not go out of my way to buy organic produce. I enjoy reading everything I can about scientific advancements and above all, I trust in science.

Now that might not make me popular with everyone, but quite frankly, not trusting in science is dangerous.

I am notorious for fact checking and it is to the point where I am sure a few of my friends are tired of seeing my name pop up in their Facebook notifications. (So… maybe start fact checking yourself so I don’t have to do it for you?) I am just passionate about getting to the truth and sharing the facts in a world where “alternative facts” are a real thing.

When I heard that Bill Nye was set to launch an important new series discussing the very topics that I am so passionate about, well I nearly swooned.

I loved watching Bill Nye as a pre-teen and even into my teens as my brother and sister watched. He really sparked my interest in science to the point where I found myself interested in pursuing secondary education in biotechnology. Unfortunately my math skills in highschool were dismal at best (a long story, but turns out I just had bad math teachers and I am actually quite good with numbers,) and hence my background in Network Engineering instead.

Bill Nye Saves the World is literally everything I could have hoped for. It is geared towards adults but it has been produced in a way that it will appeal to the average person. The science is approachable and easy to understand. It tackles all the “controversial” subjects that really have people questioning whether the science is right or whether politicians and quacks are right. I am talking climate change, gmos, naturopathy etc…

I am sitting here after binge-watching half of the first season and I am just in awe of how well these topics were tackled.

Unfortunately I am not certain that the vocal minority anti-science population out there will ever watch it, but the rest of us? We should. We should and we should arm ourselves with the facts.


Because the fate of the world literally depends on adults voting for politicians who believe in basic science.



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