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Introducing Baby Ava


On Tuesday December 17th baby Ava arrived after a full, and long, 9 months of pregnancy.

Since I delivered Keira at 29 weeks, I can attest that those last three months make all the difference when it comes to time stopping.  Although I had told myself I would not complain if I made it to term, I have to admit I complained a lot about swollen feet, aches and pains, lots of trips to the bathroom and much more but it was all worth it. I had reached the point where I was desperate for her to arrive and more than a little nervous that I would go over due and have her Christmas day. Worse, I feared I would need to be induced and it would be scheduled for New Years Eve!

Thankfully the morning before my due date I was woken up by a rather strong contraction and off we went to the hospital.  6 hours later I delivered her without complications with my husband and sister present.  She weighed in at 7 lbs and 4 oz, more than twice the birth weight of her older sister.

Baby Ava2

It was amazing to experience the full birth experience this time, including being able to snuggle with my newborn and being able to nurse her as soon as she was all cleaned up.  Having her with me in my hospital room was a dream come true but having her come home with me and not having to leave her behind was unbelievable.

I can’t believe just how much she looks like Keira either.  I mean, obviously I knew they would be similar, but everything about her reminds me of Keira around the time she reached term.  Same chubby cheeks, rosebud lips, a baby version of daddy’s nose, long lashes and straight, soft black hair.  Same expressions, little noises and squeaks and even the same cry.  I can’t wait to see if the similarities continue as she gets older.

We are all adjusting to having a new member, and of course Keira has the most adjustment to make.  I will be writing about her adjustment sometime next week, and I’d love to hear from everyone how their own toddler adjusted to a new baby when I do!

This was the best early Christmas gift our family could have received and I am so thankful for both Keira and Ava!  They make me feel truly blessed.